Mustard beans in white wine in sandstone pot Edmond Fallot



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Data sheet

Ingredients Eau, graines de moutarde, vin blanc (avec sulfites), vinaigre d’alcool, sel, téguments de moutarde, sucre, épices.
Phrase For your health eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day
Weight 250 gr
Préservation Stockage : température ambiante.Conservation au réfrigérateur après ouverture : 6 mois.
Country of origin France
Référence EF23-253

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The Mustarderie Fallot is an independent Burgundy and family house since 1840. Equipped with a powerful industrial tool, it has preserved the expertise of the artisan mustardier

Dijon mustard is prepared from old recipes and artisanal way: the seeds are crushed by the stone wheel to preserve the dough all its taste flavor.

"Fallot mustard is still made in a traditional way and that's what I like. Georges Blanc