kitchen accessories

kitchen accessories

Discover our selection of mid-range kitchen accessories that will surely find its place in your kitchen. It is with the utmost urgency that we have selected the best utensils to allow you to cook in all serenity and with quality products.

kitchen accessories

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  • Funnels

    Kitchen bowls are used in particular to pour your most important preparations into smaller containers.

  • Cooking boards

    The kitchen planks are very handy for cutting out any food, vegetables, meats, fruits ... cutting and pouring into your containers will never have been easier.

  • Affutage cooking tools

    In order to taste your toughest meat and cut it without difficulty, it is important to have a good sharpener, discover our selection of hand sharpener and kitchen gun.

  • cutting in kitchen

    You will find in this category, not classic knives ... but various kitchen utensils to cut out all kinds of foods such as pizzas or potatoes in order to get out of nice fries.

  • cooking graters

    The cooking graters have several very useful and clean features to several foods you would like to grate, such as Parmesan or even vegetables to grate finely. You will surely find the right side for your culinary ideas.

  • cooking thermometer

    Cooking thermometers will allow you to control the temperature and temperature of your cooking. Used in particular for meat.

  • kitchen scale

    The kitchen scales will allow you to weigh your food in order to prepare your favorite pastry or weigh your food.

  • Kitchen siphon

    You loved preparing your own whipped cream? A quality siphon of kitchen will allow you to taste your creations and to make benefit your guests.

  • kitchen whips

    You are not lazy and you like to put your hand to the paw? our selection of kitchen whisks is made for you.

  • Cakes pan

    To prepare your best cakes for your children or your family, you obviously need a cake mold of quality, and which especially will have an original and interesting form.

  • Mill

    Discover our selection of mills, you can slip salt, pepper or spices of your choice of any kind.

  • kitchen utensils

    This category includes a selection of kitchen utensils so you can find the utensil that is lacking in your kitchen to prepare your favorite dishes.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 73 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 73 items