Discover our selection of cutlery that offers a variety of spoons, knives or prestigious cutlery and Matfer cutlery, not to mention the steak knives.


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  • knives Matfer

    Discover our selection of Matfer knives with several features that will surely change your life when you cook your dishes. Looking for boning knives, tomato water knives or premium knives?

  • steak knives

    Who has never tried to cut his meat with an unsuitable knife .. discover our steak knives that will allow you to cut your meat finely and accurately.

  • cutlery laguiole

    The Laguiole brand is a well-known and recognized brand, and for years now has been one of the leading French cutlery brands.

  • Knives

    Our range of knives is part of the Matfer selection, you will find several range already seen as frida or olga.

  • Spoons

    Discover our selection of matfer spoons. You will discover several new ranges of mirror steel spoons such as the frida, olga or contour ranges.

  • couverts sabre

    Discover this selection of saber cutlery of a new kind that will delight your children for sure. both design and solid, you can use them for breakfast.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 34 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 34 items