Are you tired of your old grandmother's dishes tidying up in a closet? change all this, give a touch of design to your dishes, discover our selection of plates, what night square, flat, slate ... everything is there, you just have to make your choice.


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  • Slates

    Have you ever dreamed of entertaining your guests with beautiful slate plates? Well today it is possible, with our selection of different slates of different sizes and quality, whether for desserts, cheeses or your favorite dishes.

  • hollow plates

    I know what you're saying, a plate is a plate .. and no, some plates are made for special foods and vice versa. The soup plates can accommodate especially pasta, soups or salads, but do not try to cut your meat in one of them.

  • mini porcelain dishes

    Discover our selection of porcelain mini-dishes, ideal for cocktail receptions to receive your guests with quality containers.

  • verrines and appetizer

    In order to surprise your guests or your loved ones during important meal but just as friendly, do not hesitate to buy our sleek design glasses in which you can express all your talents as a budding cook.

  • Cups

    The cups of table are generally used during aperitif dinner in order to put all the foods which will compose your assortment of products which I do not doubt it will be tasty. Generally quite small but still allow you to enjoy the pleasures.

  • Dinner plates

    Discover our selection of flat plates, which have the advantage of welcoming any solid food such as meats, fish ... obviously avoid pouring a soup on the plate ...

  • bowl

    Discover our selection of transparent salad bowls, in which you will be able to concoct your best fresh salads.

  • Desserts cup

    Discover our selection of dessert cup to taste your best ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, all tastes are allowed. Arrange your ice cream in several forms of different dessert cups, whether round, triangles or wide.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 144 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 144 items