Ketchup of old tomatoes



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Data sheet

Ingredients Purée of fresh tomatoes let us anoint 15 %, cane sugar, vinegar of Pineau of the Charente, the fresh garlic, the spices, the fine sea salt. Without additive, neither conservative, nor coloring agent.
Phrase For your health eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day
Weight 220 gr
Préservation Before opening: DLUO indicated on the bottom of the jar (3 years after the date of production) .After opening: keep(preserve) at the cool and consume quickly.
Country of origin France
Référence EF23-Ketchup

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The ketchup is a hot sauce native of Indonesia (Ké-Tsiap), the Anglo-Saxon version of the ketchup was introduced in Europe in the XVIIIth century under the shape of a bitter-sweet condiment with tomatoes before becoming universal and popular industrial Tomato-Ketchup.