Honey of Scrubland le mas des abeilles



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Data sheet

Ingredients Flowers honeys, or honey of vineyards, are also only and varied that their plant of origin.
Phrase For your health eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day
Weight 250 gr
Préservation Optimal during 3 years
Country of origin France
Référence EF11-GAR250

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The Lambert family is installed in Provence since 1978. Our company is at the heart of the natural reserve of Lubéron. This environment allows us to get you craft and natural, quality products. Our approach(initiative) rests(bases) on these criteria: the taste, the environment and the quality by producing honeys of the Provencal country area, with the respect for the manipulation of cold honeys to protect their nutritional flavor, and without adding to what the Nature offered us.