Salty flavors

Salty flavors

Salty flavors are a major part of the fine grocery store family, where you will discover unexpected and varied flavors. Salts and spices, oils and vinegars, all you need to season, flavor and sublimate your dishes is.

Salty flavors

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  • The salt, pepper and...

    Salt is an essential element of the seasoning of a dish, and can come in different forms, coarse salt or fine salt of guerande especially, it will bring taste to your dishes.

  • Oil and vinegars

    Oils and vinegar are an integral part of the good cook's equipment. Discover our selection of olive oils and vinegars to make your dishes even more flavorful.

  • The sauces

    Discover our selection of sauces of all kinds as well as a diverse and varied selection of mustards to the old. You will be surprised by the many variations of tastes of sauces and mustards that are offered to you. Cassis, walnuts and provencal.

  • Mustard Edmond Fallot

    La Moutarde Fallot, independent house Bourguignonne and family since the 1840s in Beaune, Burgundy not far from Dijon. Using its ancestral know-how, the Mustard Edmond Fallot has made sure to preserve the know-how of the mustard artisan, notably grinding the seeds to the stone millstone in order to preserve all the taste qualities of the dough. The notoriety of its products is no longer to be done, while combining tradition and innovation.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 31 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 31 items