The Cellar

The Cellar

Discover our selection of products from the winery, you will find many wines as well as excellent champagnes. While having access to several practical accessories to keep your wines at best, as well as your champagnes.

The Cellar

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  • Champaign cellar

    In castle life you will find a complete range of champaign of all the qualities adapted to all the bugets. Looking for an exceptional gift ? do not hesitate to visit our range perrier-jouët, which is one of the most sought after champagnes.

  • Wines cellar

    Wine is a French heritage that still has many admirers and connoisseurs. Enjoy a good wine around a good table ca priceless. Discover our selection of red, rosé and white wines. You will surely find a wine that will make you happy.

  • aperitif drinks

    Aperitif drinks are specific drinks that are drunk before going to table and are intended to open the appetite of the guests. Generally served with tapas (appetizers) such as peanuts or olives. Do not hesitate to try to concoct your own cocktails and have your guests entertained. Mojito, cuba libre and caipirinha are therefore welcome.

    Discover our selection of aperitif drinks such as liqueurs with the famous malibu or pastis de Marseille and are aniseed. To consume with moderation of course.

  • Whisky & scotch

    Discover our wide selection of superior quality whiskey, scotch and bourbon.

    Whiskey and Scotch (also called scotch whiskey) are distilled in Scotland and always equal to or greater than 40 degrees and must at least undergo aging for 3 years in barrels, while bourbon is in fact American whiskey, at least 50% corn.

    We have most of the best brands on the market: campbell clan, the glenlivet, jameson, chivas regal, powers.

  • Vodka
  • life water

    The life water are among the highest spirits in terms of degrees and will bring a note of warmth and more at the end of your meals and of course a fruity note because the main eaux-de-vie of France are made with fruit . Fishing, Mirabelle plum, pear, eaux de vie are available to all tastes. Discover this selection of brandies that will surely make you want a little extra at the end of a good meal.

  • Armagnac
  • Cognac
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Showing 1 - 6 of 446 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 446 items