Champaign cellar

Champaign cellar

In castle life you will find a complete range of champaign of all the qualities adapted to all the bugets. Looking for an exceptional gift ? do not hesitate to visit our range perrier-jouët, which is one of the most sought after champagnes.

Champaign cellar

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  • Champaign accessories

    Once your bottle of champagne is opened, it is difficult to put back the cap in it, you are necessarily to drink the whole bottle (to consume in moderation of course). In order to avoid drinking more champagne than you want, discover our selection of champagne corks.

  • conservation of champagne

    In order to keep your bottle of champagne open and served to all your guests, there is no need to put it back in the refrigerator because we offer you a selection of champagne buckets that will allow you to keep your bottle cool, as in the restaurant. Cheers

  • Champaign flutes

    Champagne can be tasted in a champagne flute, discover our selection of champagne flute, large, long or wide, you will inevitably find a champagne flute that suits you.

  • champaign Perrier-Jouët

    The Perrier-Jouët house is embodied by the famous anemone that adorns the bottle of its Belle Epoque cuvée. It is a house with assertive and generous style. La Grand Brut is a cuvée that displays a great finesse, with fruity, intense and precise aromas. The Blason Rosé displays treasures of gluttony, with acidulated notes of small red fruits and berries.

  • champaign La chapelle

    Created in the forties, the Champagne CL De La Chapelle Ensemble before a whole story of men and women of the most passionate. The winegrowers then combined their know-how and their talent to offer a range of champagne to enjoy at any time of the day. This vineyard is anchored on the terroir of Villedommange, village 1er Cru of the mountain of Reims. Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

  • champaign Bollinger

    The Bollinger house is one of the most demanding in Champagne and produces vinous and powerful champagnes, vinified and partly in oak barrels. The Special Cuvée is one of the best crude in its class. A champagne at the same time ripe and fleshy, which will offer a beautiful freshness and notes of the most fruity. The vintages of the house come close to perfection with The Great Year which evolves on dense, intense and powerful aromas, and The Great Year Rosé remarkable of greediness and character. Finally the very rare cuvée R.D.

  • Mumm

    The G.H. Mumm house has for many years been one of the most prestigious in the champagne market. The goal will be to develop fruit-based cuvées and liveliness. The famous Cordon Rouge Mumm offers acidulous aromas and a nice freshness in the mouth, while the Rosé has notes of red berries and black berries. In recent years, Mumm has developed a range of expert cuvées with the Mumm de Cramant, a whiteness of fruity, delicate, and full of finesse, the Mumm of Verzenay, a white of winey blacks, ample and gourmand.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 87 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 87 items