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Ingredients Sugar, Syrup of glucose, natural natural and coloring aroma.
Phrase For your health eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day
Weight 120 gr
Préservation In the dry, shielded from the light.
Country of origin France
Référence EF15-X139A120

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To enjoy a candy “Bonté”, it also is to savor a small piece of a beautiful history.Since 1860, four generations of “Bonté”, followed one another in Nantes to immortalize their know-how and the respect for traditional recipe. You do not imagine all the passion and the know-how that a small boiled sweet can contain. Kindness puts it its experience and its specialist reputation for more than a century. Every stage of manufacturing is an unchanging rite. Cook the sugar in brass cauldrons, without he caramelizes, to pour him slowly on table to work him better on the hand and add him  the aromas … These traditional methods are incomparable guarantors for a taste and for a quality. The amateurs do not make a mistake there. Candy will always begin by one B, as “Bonté”.